Envisionme Virtual Talent Management Co (Pty) Ltd, trading as envisionme.co, is a joint venture between Adfusion (Pty) Ltd, a subsidiary of Adcorp Holdings Ltd, Resonate Consulting and Madnez AG Investments. The concept of a social media, rich content job board targeting the millennial’s entering the job market, was developed by Odette van Wyk, founder and CEO of Resonate Consulting. Resonate Consulting offered Madnez AG Investments the opportunity to become a 50% stakeholder and in early 2010 the joint venture, envisionme.co was established.

In November 2011 Adcorp Holdings Ltd took a strategic decision to invest in envisionme.co and by late 2012 they will be the majosrity shareholder.

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A collection of African Treasures!

Handmade wire baskets form KwaZulu-Natal

www.amagugu.com is the ultimate African gifting portal, aggregating African Treasures and giving a global audience the opportunity to own a piece of the magic that is Africa!


Amagugu is the premium South African based global gifting site! www.amagugu.com. It is an aggregation of pure African talent – sourced from all corners of the country and the continent by owner Ferdi Gazendam, ex Primedia Content CEO and now internet entrepreneur. www.amagugu.com aims to take African Treasures to the global market – all our products are carefully selected to reflect the beauty and diversity of Africa.

Behind all our products are the stories of the artisans who lovingly craft and mould these unique and exquisite pieces. Amagugu is a fully fledged e-commerce enabled site, accepting all major credit cards, PayPal as well as Electronic Funds Transfer to banks in South Africa, United States and united Kingdom – and has relationships with global courier companies to ensure the safe passage and prompt arrival of our Treasures! We deliver from Delhi to Detroit – spreading the warmth and beauty of Africa.

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Digital Solutions Group is an outsource partner for multi-channel commerce and relationship marketing. We provide customised solutions to business – enabling businesses to transact and communicate via direct channels. Our approach lowers the barrier to entry into this market without the client having to invest in systems, people and infrastructure. This business model implicates a substantial upfront investment in technology, which is then made available to many customers. The key to the business model is “share risk and success” with customers.


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Ambic is an entertainment creation company with a vision to:

  • Actively promote the bringing to market of entertainment content.
  • Promote the development of scripts.
  • Establishment of a fund for financing commercially viable projects and get actively involved as producers and/or co-producers.
  • Bring innovative thinking to distribution of content both locally and internationally.
  • Ensure projects are commercially successful for its stakeholders.
  • Focus on low budget film making.
  • Offer a consulting service to the role players in the industry.

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